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Cantonese Vocabulary – Common Phrase

what’s up? 點呀 dim2 a3
thank you! 唔該 m4 goi1 (for a service)
多謝 do1 dze4 (for a gift)    Lit. many thanks
you’re welcome 唔哂(客氣) m4 sai2 (hat3 hei3)
how are you? 你好嗎 lei5 hou2 ma3
have you eaten yet? 你食咗飯未呀? lei5 sik6 dzo2 fan6 mei6 a3?
how have you been lately? 最近點呀? dzöü3 gan6 dim2 a3   Lit. most near how
bon appétit! 食飯 sik6 fan6
bye! 拜拜 bai1 bai3
hello? wai2 (answering the telephone)
I’m from… 我係(country)黎嫁 o5 (hai6) hai2 (country) lai4 ga3
I’m… years old 我…歲 o5 (number) söü3
see you tomorrow! 聽日見 ting1 yat6 gin3
good morning 早晨 dzou2 san4
bill, please 唔該埋單 m4 goi1 mai4 dan1 (in a restaurant)
here you go la4
I love you 我愛你 o5 oi3 lei5
how do you say (this) in Cantonese? 呢個廣東話點講? (li1 go3) hai2 gon2 dung1 wa2 dim2 gon1 a3?
could you speak slower please? 請你講慢D tsen2 lei5 gon2 man6 di1

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