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Khalil Fong

Khalil Fong, born July 14, 1983, is an American born, China-raised, Hong Kong-based soul music singer-songwriter signed to the Warner Music label in Hong Kong.


Fong was born in Hawaii and when he was 6 his family moved to Shanghai. His father, Les Fong (an American-born Chinese from San Francisco, California), needed Khalil for more information about Chinese culture.

Khalil was self – taught on piano and guitar at age 18 and 15 respectively. Meanwhile, he started writing songs and sent demos to record producers. When he was 16, he sent demos, which he’d written, to music producers. Four years later, Warner Music Hong Kong finally recruited him as their producer. Khalil is a Baha’i.[1]

On December 29, 2006, Khalil released his 2nd album “This Love”(.

Musical influences

His favorite music genres are Soul, Neo-Soul, Jazz, 50’s Doowop and Rock.

Musicians that have affected Khalil’s songwriting:

  • Singers: Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, D’Angelo, Steely Dan, N.E.R.D
  • Producers: N.E.R.D, R. Kelly, Babyface
  • Soul singers: Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Earth Wind & Fire
  • Neo-Soul Artistes: D’Angelo, Glenn Lewis, Musiq
  • Jazz Artistes: Bill Evans, Chet Baker, John Coltrane.
  • 50’s Artistes: Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly, Jackie Wilson


Khalil released his first record Soul Boy on September 18, 2005. He’s won numerous awards, including a silver award for New Male Artist at Commercial Radio. He launched his second album “This Love” in December 2006. It highlighted one of his more popular tune Love Love Love. Love Love Love wasn’t an instant hit, though. It turned out to become a sleeper hit, simply gaining recognition after his third album Wonderland was launched. Wonderland’s songs style marked a leave from his previous albums. It highlighted funkier tunes as opposed to the slower ballads of his previous albums.


Khalil’s fourth album Orange Moon was released in December 2008. It showcased slower, more conventional love ballads. In an interview Khalil said this album (Orange Moon) was designed to become a more romantic album, with the majority of the tunes love-themed.

Khalil released a cover album Timeless in August 2009. It featured songs by various singers which, according to him, swayed his music.


  • Soul boy (CD) – Warner Music Hong Kong – 2005
  • This Love (CD) – Warner Music Hong Kong – 2006
  • This Love Live 2007 (CD) – Warner Music Hong Kong – 2007
  • Wonderland (CD) – Warner Music Hong Kong – 2007
  • Wonderland Live 2008 (CD + DVD) – Warner Music Hong Kong – 2008
  • Orange Moon (CD) – Warner Music Hong Kong – 2008
  • Timeless (CD) – Warner Music Hong Kong – 2009

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