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There are two local English-language daily newspapers, the South China Morning Post and The Standard. Both newspapers have a daily edition available online.

  • South China Morning Post: It is possible to subscribe for updates, place advertisements and view events guides at the website. The printed English-language daily newspaper has local and world news. With little local competition, the South China Morning Post is still the most popular English-language newspaper in Hong Kong
  • The Standard: A business orientated English-language daily. It also has an online version
  • The Sunday Examiner: The Sunday Examiner is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. The newspaper is published weekly and is available every Sunday at the Catholic churches in Hong Kong
    • Tel: 2522 0487
      Fax: 2536 9939

International dailies such as the International Herald Tribune, the Wall Street Journal Asia, USA Today, and China Daily are printed in Hong Kong and available at news stands, bookstores and major hotel chains.

Source: AngloInfo

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