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Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am – 7pm / Sunday 11am- 7pm


Exhibition dates: February 16 – March 13, 2011
Opening cocktail reception: Wednesday, February 16, 7 – 9 pm

Hong Kong, February 3, 2011 — For Around Faces, his 2nd solo exhibit in Hong-Kong, Ca-centered American painter Lee Waisler offers a set of shifting portraits of historic and modern figures. Within this latest show, he provides a worldwide band of iconic people–Albert Einstein, Eileen Chang, Norma Jean Baker, and Liu Xiaobo among them–all of whom have performed a vital part in shaping the contemporary world.

The end result can be an impactful, tactile research of the faces of excellent ethnic figures.

The scope of substances Waisler integrates expresses a dynamism in feel and type, revealing his deep empathy for your human spirit. “I can’t but paint mankind,” states Waisler. Because of this show, Waisler’s functions again represent this empathy. His portraits cross subjects and cultures, and contain writer Virginia Woolf, and movie director Zhang Yimao.

Waisler’s portraits function as a reminder the way to one person brings about change upon culture in general. Starting out within the sixties, his first works were socially and politically billed, coping with momentous historical including the the Holocaust, the Vietnam WarAnd Also and the civil rights movement. Waisler’s functions shortly started to reveal his growing curiosity about Eastern philosophy, and appropriately, became progressively summary. It had been after Waisler’s trip to India while in the mid-nineties that his functions moved toward figuration and far from absolute abstraction.

Lee Waisler’s function utilizes the language of compaction as well as vibrancy of feel and colour to state an internal psychological and religious liberty. Waisler’s opinion within the inter-related duality of development and destruction is inspired by Hindu-Buddhist precepts- as observed inside the Eastern spiritual symbology in a lot of his own summary functions. When seen from afar the elevated, graceful strips of wood that split and define the various coloured sections of his own pictures create equally a punctuation plus a tactile feeling upclose to his functions.


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