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Tuen Ng (International Dragon Boat Festival)

The Dragon Boat Festival is a summer festival celebrated by dragon boat races and competitions.

Story of Tuen Ng

People respect Chu Yuan. They jumped on boats to hunt for him, when they discovered that he was drowned. This is really a part about what the Dragon Boat Festival commemorates each year. Neglecting to find Chu Yuan, individuals hit drums and making loud noised hoping to scare the fish and will not touch Chu Yuan’s own body. Cooked rice is also put by people lived along the river in the river as a forfeit. But then they discovered that the fish got the rice so people wrapped the cooked rice in bamboo leaves. This evolves to present day’s rice dumplings.

Tuen Ng is an International sporting event in Hong Kong. People race the dragon boat to celebrate the festival. The Dragon Boat are 11.6 meters long and carry 20 to 22 paddlers. The elaborate designs of the long wooden boats are a subject of great enthusiasm and interest. The races are mainly held in Shing Mun River in Sha Tin.

Rice dumpling “zong” – rice dumplings are around for quite a while. It was popular during summer in Eastern Han dynasty. During West Tsin dynasty, people started to have rice dumplings on Dragon Boat Festival. There are basically savory or sweet rice dumplings. Each family made lots of dumplings so that you can find plenty for themselves, for friends, relatives as well as teachers. The ones are made from glutinous rice, fresh meat, salted meat or ham. Sweet ones are made of glutinous rice, bean paste, dates’ paste and honey. he modern variant you found in Hong Kong is slight distinct now. The sweet ones have red bean paste or lotus seed paste indoors.

Superstition – People believed that natural disasters and illness are typical in the fifth month. Superstition is inevitable. Most families hang calamus and Artemisia above their bed, kitchen and doors to help remove the misfortune. These really are the leaves different gods and legendary heroes used to remove evil spirits. Portraits of gods may be bought to put in the front door to protect the entire family also.

They believe the herbs work better should you decide it and prepare it on today. Several kinds of herbs are also boiled within the water and individuals bathe in it to help remaining healthy.

Dragon boat race along with other findings – Yet, some individuals found that Tuen Ng actually started before the death of Chu Yuan. It was a dragon connected festival to begin with as well as the dragon boat race did not take place on Tuen Ng day until Ming dynasty. Dragon will be the water world that is ruled by the god. Dragon Boats feature the head and tail of dragon. Following the dragon boats sailed within the water, the water is blessed and people now still swim in this ‘dragon boat water’ expecting to keep healthy for the remainder of the year. Dragon boat races are so widely accepted that it became an international contest.


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