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White Sugar Sponge Cake 白糖糕

Name: White Sugar Sponge 白糖糕

-rice flour
-ungluten flour
-egg white
-castor sugar

White sugar sponge cake is a class of Chinese pastry. It’s one of the very frequently made pastries in Hong Kong. Overseas, nevertheless, it’s considerably more uncommon in Chinatown bakery stores.

It is made of rice flour, white sugar, water, and also a leavening agent.

While it’s named a “cake”, it’s never served as a ring-shaped round cake. It’s normally bought as someone triangular bit or a miniature square. The cake is brilliant white in colour. The consistency is soft and spongy. The flavor is sweet, and occasionally features a somewhat sour flavor due to fermenting of the batter before cooking. Like the majority of Chinese cakes, it’s steamed, offering it a damp, delicate, and downy feel, instead of a solid and dry one. If left uncovered to the atmosphere, it hardens rapidly. It’s typically kept under some protect to maintain moistness. Because when it’s chilly it’s somewhat less damp and soft, it is commonly served warm. The batter is both poured more than a bowl in a steamer, a Chinese steamer material or aluminum foil. It’s referred to as a brown sugar sponge cake if generated from brown rice-flour and brown sugar.

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