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Black Seasame Pudding 芝麻糕

Black Seasame Pudding 芝麻糕

-black sesame
-castor sugar
– rice flour
-waterchestnut flour
-tablespoon oil

Black sesame pudding may seem a bit strange if you’ve never had sesame seeds in a dessert, but let me assure you that this pudding perhaps not only functions, however it’s divine. Believe of how versatile peanuts are, easily switching from savory dishes to desserts–well sesame seeds are the same. Black sesame seeds, especially after being toasted, are completely addictive and nutty and fragrant. It’s not astonishing that sesame seeds have been used for thousands of years in food preparation–they are tasty.

Black sesame soup is a popular Chinese dessert widely available throughout China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Black sesame soup is normally served hot. In Cantonese cuisine it is a kind of tong sui, or sweet soup (similar to Western pudding). The chief ingredient is crushed black sesame seeds in a flour kind. After boiling the black sesame seeds, granulated sugar can be added to further sweeten the soup. The soup is perhaps the thickest of all tong sui. Tangyuan is also occasionally added into black sesame soup. It is also sold in powder form, which needs simply hot water to make.

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