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Temple Street 廟街

Travelers should visit Temple Street at night. Hundred of stalls are jam-packed by 8 pm, offering priated products and all manner of , well, souvenir. Many stalls stock outdated and less fashionable goods (inculding cheap t-shirts, cotton dress, secondhand watches, flip flops, jade, coins, old posters), but the price is really cheap.

Besides, there are fortune-tellers and Chinese Opera around Temple Street.A dozen fortune tellers sit around the junction of temple and market streets. Most of them are face and palm readers. The caged white finches aretrained to pick a fortune card from the pack in return for some seeds. Temple street has some street restaurants (dai oai dong) offer a variety of Chinese snacks, savoury pancakes, fishballs, seafood kebabs and meat offerings.

Address: 177 Temple St, Hong Kong



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