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Toru Kamei
Toru Kamei

Toru Kamei Solo Exhibition

Toru Kamei Solo Exhibition
14 December 2013 – 25 January 2014
Winter Holidays : 22 December – 6 January

Toru Kamei was created in Tokyo in 1976. He graduated from your Nihon University School of Artwork with a diploma in fine-arts and has shown his functions at the Fukushima Biennale (2008) and the fifth Busan Biennale (2010) as well as at several notable galleries in Japan including Gallery Naruyama and Gallery Gyokuei.

Kamei’s functions are derived from the conventional model of still-life painting created in medieval Europe referred to in artwork history conditions as vanitas that depict “allegories of the emptiness of earthly life”. Vanitas pictures feature skulls that operate as a metaphor for the guarantee of passing, clocks that signify a small timeframe, and rotting fruits set in an assortment of still-lifes that depict extravagance and affluence. They can be usually interpreted as having the intended result of evoking inside the spectator the transience of conceit; Kamei understands an extra modality of picture that surpasses historic constraints, by planting an original universe of dream in this type of picture.

For instance, Omowaku, a therianthropic selfportrait which makes an effort at self-mythologization, is a piece that potently expresses the youthful, lustrous character of life from the backcloth of mythos. The representational piece Tsubaki, depicting a girl cast an empty gaze encompassed by camellias, triumphs at evoking within audience many distinct stories in reference to the flower petals that scatter ephemerally from her fingers. In an extra piece, Kachutachi, Kamei paints a skeleton lying amongst eye-balls and with blossoms fluttering butterflies, pregnant using a mystical perspective on

In wishes to his functions, Kamei states, “I borrow amounts which have form in a bid to privately and symbolically communicate the universe of the unconscious, the formless senses, feelings, and emotions that make up the state of your head and mood,” and remarks that his functions are “an escape from world, a gathered disconnection to world.” In Kamei’s functions, created out of a true eyesight, we could surely empathize having a feeling of attractiveness which goes beyond time plus tradition.


13A, REGENCY CENTER phase1, 39 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Opening Hours :
Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 7pm or by appointment
Closed on Sunday, Monday, public holiday

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