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Maya Cafe Mediterranean Lifestyle, Wan Chai

A very compact Mediterranean restaurant found in the hidden square between Admiralty and WanChai.  The owner was very friendly, she offered to pick my friend up at the corner of the street due to the peculiar location of the restaurant.

I had a cold soup which was very refreshing and I liked a lot but I can’t recall if it was tomato.  For the main dish, I picked vegetable stew with red/brown rice.  The tofu and bell peppers are juicy and beautifully roasted and go with the sauce perfectly!  I would have expected a larger portion of rice, so feeling unfulfilled we went straight on to dessert.  I chose chocolate mousse which came in a little glass with a heavy taste of coconut.  Personally the dessert is not my favourite, but for a set lunch at HK$128, it could be an option if you have time for lunch and would like something different for a day.


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