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Central and Admiralty

Pottinger Street
A stone paveway that connects open stalls.

Mid-Levels Escalator
 the longest outdoor escalator in the world
 approx. 800 meters long in total

The HSBC headquarters building
 under the British Financial Group, HSBC Holdings, with the HQ located in HK
 one of the banks that issue HK Dollar notes

Court of Final Appeal
 completed in 1912
 neo-classical architecture
 elegant design in vertical lines

Bank of China
 one of the most outstanding high-rise buildings within the city of HK
 it’s said to be emitting attacking energy towards rival bank with the combination of countless crosses and spiky corners

Lippo Centre
it’s said to be named “Koala’s tree” due to the fact that it looks just like a koala hanging on a tree

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