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Hong Kong airport tax refund

Travellers traveling from Hong Kong International Airport are accountable for a compulsory departure tax of HK$120 per individual (12 years of age and over), but should you go to Hong Kong by boat, airplane or helicopter, you really do not need to pay this tax. Since this tax is already included in your ticket, you have to visit a particular counter to refund the money.

The airport tax applies to everyone, . however, it has 2 exceptions:

  • Passengers who arrive Hong Kong by airplane, pass-through Hong Kong’s entrance immigration controls, and depart from Hong Kong by plane in the same day. In case you are “in transit” at Hong-kong airport and did not pass the immigration controls, there is no “same day” demand.
  • Passengers who arrive at Hong Kong International Airport by cross-boundary ferry service for onward departure from Hong Kong by air.

Tax Refund

  • If you arrived by air, you could apply in person for refund in cash in the Civil Aviation Department’s (CAD) ‘Air Passenger Departure Tax’ Counter located at Aisle E, Level 7, Departure Hall, Terminal one of the Hong-kong International Airport upon production of all following documents:

    *Tax payment proof (i.e. original air ticket / original helicopter ticket / e-ticket which indicates that Hong Kong APDT was paid);

    *original boarding pass of the aforementioned departure flight (for the airline passenger only);

  • If you arrived by cross-boundary ferry (for instance from Shenzhen / Shekou), you are going to get to a small building (the ferry Sky Pier). There-you see a queue of people waiting to get the tax back. I believe you will get a little type in the ferry, which you need to hand in to get cash back. After you get the money back (cash in HKD), you have to wait only a little time to take a shuttle-bus from the ferry pier to the airport corridor. Your only option is always to use by post, in case you forgot to have the tax refund at the ferry pier.

For more information,please visit HKIA website

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