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It’s really a great experience driving a tram to see Hong-kong Island. Hong Kong tram is cheap and slow (fare HK $ 2), you’ll enjoy taking beautiful photos of Hong Kong streets view on the tram. But, the tram isn’t air-conditioned. In summer, should you not mind sweating a lot and stick to crowded passengers within the tram, it still worth a go.

Tram differs to other public transportation in Hong Kong, pay the fare when you get off in the front, and for a tram passengers get on at the back. The tram service ‘s been around for approximately a century, literally.

Hong Kong’s tram system, known locally as the “ding ding” for the clanging bells in the streetcars. Hong Kong Tramways, dating to 1904, operates 163 tram cars on Hong Kong Island, transporting around 240, 000 passengers daily.

Hong Kong’s trams along with the Star Ferry are popular attractions for visitors and are Hong Kong’s most affordable kind of transportation, with fares a part of the price of subway tickets.

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