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Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong Island (traditional Chinese: ) is an island in the southern portion of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It has a population of 500, 289, 1 and its population density is 16, 390 / km ^ 2, by 2008. The Central region in the island may be the economic, political and historical centre of Hong Kong. The northern coast of the island forms the southern coastline of the Victoria Harbour, that is mostly responsible for the advancement of Hong-kong as a result of the deep waters favoured by substantial trade ships.

The island hosts many of the very popular sights in Hong Kong, like “The Peak”, Ocean Park, many historical sites and various big shopping centres. The mountain ranges over the island are also famous for hiking. The northern section of Hong-kong Island together with Kowloon forms the central city region of Hong Kong.

The island is often referred to locally as “Hong Kong side” or “Island side”. This design was previously applied to many places (eg ‘China-side’ or even ‘Kowloon Walled City side’) but is currently just heard within this form and ‘Kowloon side’, indicating the two sides of the harbour.(The form was once again common in Britain than now, such as ‘Surrey-side’and is still seen in British placenames like ‘Cheapside’, ‘Tyneside’, and ‘Teesside’, not which have an evident watercourse or boundary with actual sides.)

The Island Line of the MTR underground railway system runs entirely on Hong Kong Island, from West to East, along the northern shoreline of the isle. However, the western part of the island is not yet served by the railway. The authorities and MTR have intended to extend the Island Line to Kennedy Town, the western tip of the isle. Building began in August 2009 and is expected to be completed in 2014. Three new stops (Sai Ying Pun, University, and Kennedy Town) will be created.

A fourth train link (Shatin to Central Link from Causeway Bay to Hung Hom) and a harbour – crossing tunnel are now being planned as a way to solve the congested traffic of the existing tunnels in peak hours. There’s no bridge between the mainland as well as the island. A bridge links Wong Chuk Hang and Ap Lei Chau of Aberdeen on Hong Kong Island. It was expanded to four in 1994 and was opened in 1983 with two lanes.


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