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Central & Western District

The Central & Western District (C & W District), among the earliest developed areas in Hong Kong, is really a political, financial, legal and business centre. The Central and Western District has got the most educated residents with the second highest income and the third-lowest people because of its relatively small-size.

Central, an area full of historical monuments and skyscrapers, has-been celebrated as the center of Hong Kong. A number of the business buildings are among the priciest ones on earth. The entire world’s longest outdoor covered escalator and also the Peak Tram, one of the planet’s steepest funicular railways, are also situated in the district. The Western District is rich in conventional characteristics. It has profited, both in trade and cargo transportation, from its closeness to the harbour western approaches and has been a distributing centre of nonstaple foods over recent years.

With an area of 1,240 hectares, the C&W District contains a residential population of about 267,000 plus a transient population of about 300,000 in mid1999. Over 90% of the population reside in private housing, with a harmonious intermixture that range from luxurious homes to the Peak and in the Midlevels for the old tenements in Sheung Wan and Sai Wan. The C&W District has maintained its distinctive Chinese and Western cultural traditions in the one hand and is devoted to urban renewal to the other, with a view to creating a better living environment for the local community. It’s believed that with constant development, the C&W District can have a new image in the years to come.

Locations from west to east along Victoria Harbour are: Kennedy Town, Sai Ying Pun, Sheung Wan, Central, Admiralty.

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