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Sham Shui Po District

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Situated in the northwestern portion of the Kowloon Peninsula and bounded from the Lion Rock Country Park to the north, the East Rail Line of the Mass Transit Railway to the east, Boundary Road for the south, along with the waterfront area including Stonecutters Island for the west, Sham Shui Po District covers an area of approximately 1 047 hectares.


Sham Shui Po District had been densely populated back in the 1950s and 60s. The district has a relatively low family income on average and its elderly residents is comparatively large, and several new arrivals decide to live temporarily or permanently in the district.

Characteristics of Home

Public and private home within the district are of roughly the same percentage. There are 14 public housing estates, including Shek Kip Mei Estate, Hong Kong’s first public rental housing estate built-in 1954, and seven Home Ownership Scheme estates. As for private home, there are a sizeable number of private blocks, assembled in the 50’s and 1960s, along Lai Chi Kok Road, Cheung Sha Wan Road and Tai Po Road. Most of them are five to seven-storey buildings. A few other private housing developments within the district, like Yau Yat Tsuen and Mei Foo Sun Chuen, have marked attributes.

Industrial and Business Development

Sham Shui Po District is likely Hong Kong’s first industrial and commercial center. Wholesale and retail organizations of mostly textile and clothing, piece goods, apparels and nonstaple foods, are concentrated in Cheung Sha Wan and Lai Chi Kok. Using the migration of industrial activities to the Mainland, manufacturing plants in the district are changing to logistics, exhibit and commercial functions, bringing vitality to the early developed area. Sham Shui Po District is, in addition, a distributing center for computer and electronic products, and its own computer shopping centres are renowned to any or all citizens and visitors.

Community Facilities

The district has a highly-developed transportation network. Public transport routes in addition to Mass-transit Railway, Airport Railway and highway networks running through the district supply individuals with convenient ways to travel round the land. Anyway, people can enjoy the five sports centres, three public swimming pools, one squash and table-tennis center, one sports ground, 7 leading parks, four libraries and three mobile library stops in the district.

Its long history has also contributed to its relatively more successful development and social-network, although Sham Shui Po is an old district. The living environment of the district will without doubt be further improved, as numerous redevelopments commenced in sequence.

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