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Wong Tai Sin District

Wong Tai Sin District is just one of the 18 administrative districts in Hong-kong and takes its name from the well-known Wong Tai Sin Temple, a landmark of the District. Over time, Wong Tai Sin has been transformed from the plain and basic rural hamlet into an area with welldeveloped public housing estates plus a population of 440, 000.

It really is bounded by the Lion Rock Mountain (Sze Chi Shan) as well as the Tate’s Cairn (Tai Lo Shan) to the north; the Kowloon Peak (Fei Ngor Shan) to the east; New Clear-water Bay Road and Prince Edward Road East to the south; and Junction Road and also the Lion Rock Tunnel to the west. The District is the sole administrative district in Hong-kong without a shoreline.

The District was once a predominately rural region sparsely populated by natives of Hakka origin and Pun U. It became part of New Kowloon in 1937. With the entrance of a great variety of refugees from Mainland China to Hong Kong in the late 1940s, several squatter huts began to emerge in the District. Construction of public housing in the District began in 1957 with the initial resettlement block of the Mark I kind created at Lo Fu Ngam (later renamed as Lok Fu). Over time, the District has experienced a facelift together with the slow clearance of its own squatter areas and redevelopment of its own public housing estates.

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