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Chong Hing Bank

Chong Hing Bank Limited (“CHB”) (previously known as ‘Liu Chong Hing Bank Limited’) was founded in 1948 and was spun-off from Liu Chong Hing Investment Limited (Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s Stock Code: 00194) becoming a public-listed company (Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s Stock Code: 01111) in 1994. In December 2006, CHB completed the issue of US $ 125, 000, 000 Floating Rate Subordinated Notes due 2016 and the Notes are now listed on the Hong Kong

Stock Exchange under Stock Code: 01510. Along with the Head-office in Hong Kong, CHB presently manages a network of 51 local branches in addition to three branches (one in each of Shantou, Macau and San Francisco) and two representative offices (one in each of Guangzhou and Shanghai) outside Hong Kong.

CHB offers a wide variety of retail and wholesale financial banking products which contain foreign currency deposits & HKD, remittances, safe-deposit boxes, bank cards, mortgages, mandatory provident fund support, trade finance, corporate banking and syndicated loans. Through its subsidiaries, in addition, it gives protection trading, financial management and insurance providers.

Over time CHB has endeavored to serve the changing needs of its own clients. In 1999, CHB, along with nine local banks, formed Bank Consortium Holding Limited (“BCH”) that has begun to supply MPF solutions (with both Master Trust Scheme and Industry Scheme) through Bank Consortium Trust Company, BCH’s fully-owned subsidiary, since February 2001. Chong Hing Securities Limited (“CHS”), its wholly-owned subsidiary, is admitted as the first batch of brokers adopting the AMS/3 (OG/BSS) system. Its onestop Online Securities Trading and Stock Quote Services provide customers a speedy and all-around investment route. Overall, CHB endeavors to offer ever-better services and also to develop alongside its clients.

Address: Chong Hing Bank Centre, 24 Des Voeux Rd. Central, HK
Contact: 3768 1111


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