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Cantonese Vocabulary – Adjective

very 好 hou2 you are beautiful 你好靚 lei5 hou2 len3 beautiful 靚 len3 big 大 dai6 cheap 平 pen4 cold 凍 dung3 crazy 黐線 tsi1 sin3 cute 得意 dat1 yi3 difficult 難 lan4 深 sam1 easy 容易 yung4 yi6 expensive ...

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Cantonese Vocabulary – Verb

verb 動詞 dung6 tsi4 negation 唔 m4 + (verb) completed 咗 (verb) + dzo2 -ing 緊 (verb) + gan2 will, would 會 wui2 + (verb) be 係 hai6 not be 唔係 m4 hai6 have 有 yau5 not have 冇 mou5 ...

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Cantonese Vocabulary – Question Word

疑問詞 ji4man6ci4 Question Word Who? 邊 bin1 個 go3 Whom? 邊 bin1 個 go3 Where? 邊 bin1 度 dou6 What? 乜 mat1 嘢 je5 Why? 點 dim2 解 gaai2 When? 幾 gei2 時 si4 How? 點 dim2 樣 joeng6 How ...

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Cantonese Vocabulary – Pronoun

代名詞 doi6ming6ci4 Pronoun I 我 ngo5 you 你 nei5 he/ she/ it 佢 keoi5 we 我 ngo5 哋 dei6 you (pl) 你 nei5 哋 dei6 they 佢 keoi5 哋 dei6 my [possessive] 我 ngo5 嘅 ge3 your  [possessive] 你 nei5 ...

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Cantonese Vocabulary – Animal

動物 dung6mat6 Animal cat 貓 maau1 dog 狗 gau2 chicken 雞 gai1 cow 牛 ngau4 pig 豬 zyu1 horse 馬 maa5 sheep 羊 joeng4 fish 魚 jyu4 goose 鵝 ngo2 insect 昆 kwan1 蟲 cung4 snake 蛇 se4 bird 雀 ...

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