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Cantonese Vocabulary – Colour

顏色ngaan4sik1 Colour black 黑 hak1 色 sik1 white 白 baak6 色 sik1 brown 啡 fe1 色 sik1 red 紅 hung4 色 sik1 pink 粉 fan2 紅 hung4 色 sik1 orange 橙 caang2 色 sik1 yellow 黃 wong4 色 sik1 green ...

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Cantonese Vocabulary – Number

Here are the counting of Cantonese numbers from 0 to 100. We would not include too many since it is difficult to learn them at once. Therefore, bit by bit, try to figure out how the Cantonese numbers are constituted. ...

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