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Hong Kong Museum Of Medical Sciences

Located in an elegant red brick building, this museum opened in 1996 and charts the development of medicine in the town. It had been the primary ever to concentrate on equally Western and traditional Chinese strategies to health. Alongside a ...

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Hong Kong Maritime Museum

A non-profit educational institution, the museum has semi-permanent and special exhibitions, and holds educational events. The exhibitions give a comprehensive account of Hong Kong’s growth into a major world port, and the contributions made by China and the West to ...

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Hong Kong Heritage Museum

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum is devoted to preserving the city’s historical, art and cultural heritage. Permanent exhibitions on the New Territories, Cantonese opera and a Children’s Discovery Gallery of natural and cultural history, including toy-making. Address: 1 Man Lam ...

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Hong Kong Film Archive

The Film Archive is devoted to the preservation of Hong-Kong’s film tradition. It accumulates and conserves movies and relevant substances, provides facilities accessible for people, and conducts actions to promote Hong Kong’s film culture and facilitate research in the annals ...

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Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum

A visit to the Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum in Stanley affords an intriguing glimpse of prison life over the past 160 years. The museum showcases the evolution of the Hong Kong penal system from one that focused on punishment ...

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