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Tak Sheng 德成號

Name: Tak Sheng 德成號 Address: 64 Java Rd, North Point, Hong Kong 北角渣華道64號地下 Tel: 2570 5529/2571 5049 Openning Hour: 09:30~19:30 Recommendation: Egg Roll 蛋卷

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Fung Shing Restaurant 鳳城酒家

Name: Fung Shing Restaurant 鳳城酒家 Address: 62 Java Rd, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong 北角渣華道62-68號高發大廈地下及1樓 Tel: 2578 4898 Openning Hour: 09:00~15:00,18:00~23:00 Recommendation: Steamed chicken feet with black bean sauce 鳳爪 Steamed pork ribs with black bean sauce 豉汁蒸排骨 Spring Roll ...

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Chinese Egg Puff

Hong Kong people call Chinese Egg Puff as “Chicken Egg Cake”, it’s a popular street snack that you can find in Asia. The street vendor has this big circular waffle-like iron with little holes in in. It is filled with ...

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Eastern District

Initially, Eastern District a backwater of fishing villages, quarries and dockyards, the Eastern District is now mainly residential, with some industrial areas and many big shopping malls. Though most Home Ownership Scheme and public housing estates are located from Sai ...

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