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Hong Kong Free Guide

REDISCOVER HONG KONG, was started in 2010 with the goal of helping overseas visitors experience Hong Kong culture and local customs.

All the tour by Hong Kong Free Guide is free of charge, the tour guides are the local volunteers of Hong Kong who would like to welcome and meeting people from different countries and cultures and sharing the fun of discovering Hong Kong or the surrounding areas!

The volunteer tour guide are from different backgrounds( college/ high school students, office worker, teachers, freelance worker, housewives and retiree). Some of the guides may know everything about Hong Kong music, pop culture, anime, or the trendy shops, while others may have an extensive knowledge of Hong Kong food, history, culture, society, or religion.

Our volunteer guides truly enjoy . Our tour guide schedule depends on the itinerary of your travel plan of Hong Kong. Tell us your ideas and we will arrange the tour guide and get back to you as soon as possible.


If you are interested at the Volunteer Tour Guide Service and like our ideas, you can submit the following form to request a travel guide, and we will contact you asap.
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If you wish to become our Volunteer Travel Guide, please submit the form here !
If you have any instant issue or problem about traveling in HK, please feel free to contact us by clicking the BLUE Instant Messenger Button. And, we will try best to reply you as soon as possible.

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