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Cantonese Vocabulary – Verb

verb 動詞 dung6 tsi4
negation m4 + (verb)
completed (verb) + dzo2
-ing (verb) + gan2
will, would wui2 + (verb)
be hai6
not be 唔係 m4 hai6
have yau5
not have mou5
go höü3
come lai4
can, may 可以 ho2 yi5
want, need yiu3
want to, would like to sœng2
do, make dzIng2
eat sIk6
drink yAm2
like 鍾意 dzung1 yi3
ask mAn6
buy mai5
have enough gAu3
know 知道 dzi1 dou3
know how to sIk1
learn hok6
leave dzAu2
listen ten1
live, reside dzü6 hai2
look for wan2
love oi3
return, back, re- fan1
come back 返 黎 fan1 lai4
say, speak gon2
see tAi2
translate 翻譯 fan1 yik6
understand 明白 ming4 bat6
wait for dan2

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