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Repulse Bay Beach

Repulse Bay is certainly one of Hong Kong’s most available shores and can get quite busy through the summer months and on winter weekends. It is is among Hong Kong’s top-ten tourist locations. It is situated in the southern section of Hong-Kong Island and simply attained by various bus routes. The bay was one time a haven for pirates intent on plundering international merchant ships trading with China until being repulsed from the British fleet in 1841 which is how the bay attained its name. During The Second World War Japanese invading forces first landed at Repulse Bay and its governor renamed the bay “Green Seaside Beach” in view of the green trees lining the beach.

Repulse Bay beach can be a long man-made seashore covered mostly coarse sand but areas of mud nearer the shore. The seashore is disregarded by high-class residential flats as well as the hills of Tai Tam Country Park and contains exceptional facilities including changing rooms, showers, bathrooms, raft, resort area, beach volleyball court and cafes, eateries and gardens. In the eastern end-of the shore will be the Tin Hau Temple, Kwun Yam Shrine and numerous garish statues including those representing Kwun Yam and Tin Hau. Visitants toss coins into the mouth of a fish statue while in the hope it’ll lead to good luck. A recently completed shopping mall stands alongside the shrine almost to the shore but as at February 2011 remains closed with not one of the stores having been let. Across the main highway The Repulse Bay is built around the site of the former colonial Repulse Bay Resort and it is celebrated for becoming the “building against the hole in the middle” designed with a feng shui expert. It places high-end flats as well as a shopping arcade. The refurbishment also contained improvement of a spa and an English-design marquee within the garden which includes additionally beeb refurbished. The landmark Sea-View Creating at 16 Beach Street is also to be refurbished and renovated and the government has invited thoughts for the design and future usage and suggestions contain strategies for a classic vehicle museum. A beautification programme was undertaken by the us government during 2009 to improve the appearance of the region for visitors. Lifeguard support operates from March to November and you’ll find shark prevention nets.

Bus 6,6A,6X or 260 from Central Exchange Square (about 30 mins journey).
Bus 973 from Tsim Sha Tsui East Bus Station (Science Museum Road inside Concordia Plaza – about 70 mins journey).
Bus 63 (Mon-Sat) or Bus 65 (Sundays and public holidays) from North Point Ferry Piers and Causeway Bay (about 35 mins journey).

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