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Maclehose Trail – Stage 2

Maclehose Trail (麥理浩徑) is one of the most popular hiking trails in Hong Kong. It consists of totally ten stages with different levels of difficulties. For the Stage 2, it covers the trail from Long Ke (浪茄) to Pak Tam Au (北潭凹) via Chek Keng (赤徑).

The total distance of Stage 2 is 13.5 km and it is expected to take 5 hours to complete this stage. We can see many beautiful hills in this trail, coasts as well as beaches in Sai Kung (西貢), namely, Long Ke (浪茄), Sai Wan (西灣), Ham Tin Wan (鹹田灣), Sharp Peak (蚺蛇尖) and Chek Keng (赤徑). In addition, almost throughout the whole Stage, the government has improved the route by concrete pavements. And, refreshments and snacks are found at various villages located in Sai Wan, Ham Tin (鹹田) and Chek Keng.

It has 2 ways to complete this trail. For experienced hikers, they could climb up to Sharp Peak instead of walking down to Ham Tin Wan at Tai Long Au (大浪坳). When reach Sharp Peak, the highest hill in Eastern Sai Kung with the height of 468 meters, it has a panoramic view of the whole Eastern coastal area of Sai Kung. And, hikers usually go down the hill to Ham Tin Wan via Mai Fan Teng (米粉頂), Tung Wan (東灣), Tai Wan (大灣). After that, they continue the rest of the Stage 2 trail.

Another option is the Luk Wu Hiking Trail (鹿湖郊遊徑). Instead of going down to Long Ke, when you walk from Sai Wan to Chui Tung Au (吹筒坳), you may choose to turn to the West. After about 15 minutes walk, you will reach a pavilion where you may find the entry of Luk Wu Hiking Trail. It covers the path via Luk Wu to Lady Maclehose Holiday Village (麥理浩夫人度假村) where you may go back to Sai Kung by bus.

Hikers would either take Bus 94 or 96R (operates on Sundays and public holidays only) at Sai Kung and Choi Hung (彩虹) for Wong Shek Pier (黄石碼頭) and start their journey at Pak Tam Au bus stop. Instead of continuing the journey to Long Ke, they turn to the captioned pavilion near Chui Tung Au where they may take village bus back to Sai Kung. Otherwise, you may also consider catching a taxi to take you to that pavilion where you may begin that wonderful journey.

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