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Mastermind, a local design brand represented with a cube, has gradually developed right into a popular chain store among the youths from way back its establishment in December 2001. It fills with will and challenges, dedicating several attempts to design creative merchandises.

Mastermind signifies learn of tips. The founder had drawn this notion into the fashion business, hoping that youths can make and lead the pattern by their own very own ways of thinking rather than being led from the fad. The 3D logo of Mastermind is built up by seven small blocks, you might see both covex and concave inside in the cube. will find The signify that points can by seen or understood from other angles, just like trend also has potential of numerous variations, arousing the infinity of originality.

The merchandises of Mastermind include tops, pants, bag etc… with great assortments of exceptional and fashionable layout and comfy cutting; they acquire popularity one of the youths. Though Mastermind needs to face many issues due to the constraint of sources, it still preserves its principle of producing good quality products from layout, tailoring, using substances, down to the picking of a button. The truthfulness of Mastermind quickly makes it to occupy a seat within the local fashion fad.

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