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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a widespread celebration day. The customs of Chinese New Year are intended to ensure good fortune and prosperity in the year to come. The first three days of the lunar new year are holidays.

Legend of Chinese New Year
In historical China, an animal named Nian would seem near the conclusion of the full year to destroy nearby villagers, especially children. An old eventually discovered a way to get rid of the animal by showing the color crimson and making loud noises.

The Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) is really one of the most important Chinese Visit to Hong Kong. Firework is exhibited to the second day while in the Victoria Harbour on Chinese New Year. This event brings loads of tourist. Before the Chinese New Yr (the last days of the full year), citizens do a huge shopping since the store offer promo and discounts. It’s because a lot of the store and restaurant are closed for a week during the Brand new Year.

Another big event for the New Year is Hong Kong Global Chinese New Year Parade. This parade includes enormous, brilliant floats and numberous performing teams, dancers in colorful costumes, from all over the world. The Chinese New Year is quite a noisy period of the year because sound is considered to drive away bad luck. And, the Chinese New Year is an important opportunity for pals and households to assemble and greet each other.

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