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Deep fried pork intestines 炸大腸

Deep fried pork intestines 炸大腸. For some this is an acquired taste, and for some this is a sliver of heaven on a stick. The light, crunchy skin, with the tasty and juicy flesh inside.

The outer tier of the pork intestines become very crispy, virtually bacon- such as in consistency. The insides prepare and get rid of their initial, impossibly chewy feel, keeping a small morsel but becoming mainly soft and soft. The taste is, unsurprisingly farmyard and mineral, tasting a little like manure odors, locking jointly disturbing and refreshing in its sophisticated attractiveness. It might be compare with that specific of liver – marginally satire, smelling and taste of digested pasture, if I should compare simply the taste (excluding feel) to something. Fresh and fit while additionally a little repulsive. These flavors are preserved through the morsel and aren’t concealed by the sauces squeezed on. I attempted both hoisin (marine and also sweet) and a chili sauce. Both mixed in various manners but neither masked the taste ingrained in every tier of the pork intestines.

Fried pork intestines are Zhejiang cuisine recipes, principal raw material is really a pork intestine; procedure fried, making straightforward;

Fried pork intestines of raw-material: wild pig big intestine;

Fried pork intestines fixings: green pepper, red pepper, onion, green onion;

Fried pork intestines of spices: cooking wine, onions, ginger, star anise one-paragraph, a number of Chinese prickly ash, sugar sufficient water, soy sauce, salt, starch.

Fried pork intestines tactic:

1, even though from pork intestine but likewise to scrub with vinegar and salt rubbed out, clear. Pork intestine right into a liangshui Cook laundry, to the spring onion, ginger, star anise, Shaoxing rice-wine, salt and pepper.

2, open, water in the white froth of foam, skim, and joined the Shaoxing rice-wine, boil for 40 minutes.

3, cooked pork intestines eliminate scrape.

4, bails out of pork intestines going out in great, cut in to sections to get utilized.

5, vital slides happened only at that time, oil in to pork intestines with hot-pot frying bails out. (Keep the oil temperature inside the intestines of the oil got, colon became shuangcui)

6, hot-oil to the pan-fried onion, green pepper taste.

7, starch, fixing well water, thicken, to the green onion, even outside of the pot.

8, and finished goods.

Warm Point:

Like to consume hot food you may also add the chilli and fried with pepper powder.

Eat wholesome:

1, colon for wintertime, particularly for those that cough and expectoration of varieties; palpitations; several goals individuals with sleeplessness.

2, big intestine moistening dryness and hemostatic impact of tonifying deficiency and quench your thirst. May be used to treat poor of thirst, anal prolapse and piles, blood

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