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Zongzi (Rice Dumplings in Bamboo) 鹹肉粽

Zongzi /Rice Dumplings in Bamboo 鹹肉粽

-bamboo leaves
-glutinous rice
-green split beans
-chinese mushrooms
-pork belly
-dried shrimp

Zongzi ((Rice Dumplings in Bamboo) is a traditional Chinese food, made from glutinous rice stuffed with various fillings and wrapped in bamboo, reed, or other large flat leaves. They are cooked by steaming or boiling. In the Western world, they are also referred to as rice dumplings or sticky rice dumplings.

The contours of zongzi vary from being approximately tetrahedral in northern China to an elongated cone in southern China. Wrapping a zongzi neatly is an ability that’s passed down through families, as would be the recipes. Making zongzi is usually a family group event of which every one helps out.
While conventional zongzi are wrapped in bamboo leaves, the leaves of lotus, maize, banana, canna, shell ginger and pandan leaves occasionally are employed as replacements in other countries. Each type of foliage imparts its unique odor and flavor to the rice.

The fillings useful for zongzi vary from region to region, but the rice used is consistently glutinous rice (also called “sticky-rice” or “sweet rice”). With respect to the region, the rice might be lightly pre cooked by stir frying or soaked in water before utilizing. In the north, fillings are mostly red bean paste and tapioca or taro. Northern design zongzi are normally sweet and dessert-like. Southern-style zongzi, however, are usually more savory. Fillings of Southern-style zongzi contain pork belly, salted duck egg, taro, shredded pork or chicken, Chinese sausage, pork fat, and shiitake mushrooms.

Zongzi need to be steamed or boiled for a number of hours based how the rice is created prior to being added, along with the fillings. However, as the manners of zongzi designs have become miscellaneous and went, today one can discover a myriad of zongzi at traditional markets, and their varieties are not confined to which phase of the Yellow River they originated from.

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