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Luk Yu Tea House 陸羽茶室

Luk Yu is living museum with extraordinary character since 1940s. The waiters don’t offer you top-notch service and good attention. It’s a traditional and typically noisy Chinese teahouse with carved wooden doors, hardwood panels, marble facings and spittoons. And, waiters dressed in traditional Chinese garb.

Name: Luk Yu Tea House 陸羽茶室
Address: 24 Stanley St, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2523 5464
Openning Hour: 07:00~22:00
Recommendation: Pork Dumplings 燒賣
Chiu Chau Dumplings 潮州粉粿
Steamed minced beef ball 山竹牛肉
Steamed Egg Custard Bun 奶皇包
Steamed Beancurd Sheet Roll with Chicken 雞扎
French Pudding

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