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Eggs Benedict with Salmon


Mixed Grill with Eggs Benedict

Brunch Club & Supper is one of the places that I keep returning for all-day-breakfasts. They do a wide range of variations of breakfasts including Eggs Benedict, Omelettes, Frittata, etc., as well as burgers and main dishes. When I couldn’t make up my mind, I’d simply go for a mixed grill with eggs benedict (with extra charges of course)! Drinks are ordered separately, nevertheless decently served. I must admit that I was being a little adventurous in ordering the Greek Salad when I went with a friend last Saturday, turned out to be fairly unimpressive, or perhaps it just didn’t suit my appetite very well. Breakfasts costs around HK$65-128 without drinks. Reservations not accepted on weekends, expect queues as early as 11.30ish.


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