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Hong Kong Government back social enterprises

Hong Kong Government back social enterprises

The second Social Enterprise Award Scheme (SEAS) wrapped on Saturday, where several social entrepreneurs spent the afternoon in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre being acknowledged for their work.


The Scheme was organized by Hong Kong’s Home Affairs Bureau as well as the Social Enterprise Advisory Committee to recognize outstanding social enterprises in Hong Kong, set examples for your industry, and improve public understanding of social enterprises.

Recently, there are extra merits to managing a social enterprise in Hong Kong. Info about the awards and also social enterprises stood next to movie posters.

Just last month, the Hong-kong Polytechnic University School of Design welcomed students and employees for their newly completed Innovation Tower. Inside, space was and will also be used for different social innovation activities.

Supplying an influential increase of support, Florence Hui, Under Secretary for Home Affairs, stated during the awards that “The Government will continue to market the growth of social businesses and encourage more folks from different sectors to help and work towards establishing a care and inclusive society.”

Last year, the government-created the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund Task Force using a goal of addressing poverty. Recently, it started a funding scheme to examine the impact societal enterprises create in society.

The award categories and 14 winners of the SEAS 2013 are (listed in random order):

Social Impact
Champion: Happy Veggies, My Concept Event Management
Meritorious Award: TWGHs iBakery Gallery Café, Light Home Scheme

Financial Performance
Champion: Hong Kong TransLingual Services
Meritorious Award: TWGHs “Take a Break” Catering Service

Operational Excellence
Champion: The Salvation Army Family Stores
Meritorious Award: TWGHs Enterprise Vegetable & Fruit Processing and Supply Service

Branding and Marketing
Champion: “Cheers Gallery” Rehab Shop, TWGHs iBakery Gallery Café
Meritorious Award: Bonham Strand Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong Kitchen, farmfresh330

Customer Satisfaction
Champion: Hong Kong Kitchen
Meritorious Award: “Cheers Gallery” Rehab Shop

Employee Satisfaction
Champion: TWGHs iBakery Gallery Café, Friends, “Cheers Gallery” Rehab Shop

Business Potential
Champion: Hong Kong Kitchen

Champion: Dialogue Experience Silence, Light Home Scheme

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