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Gateway to China

Hong Kong is actually a gateway to China. Guests can go other China cities, like ShengZhen and Macau, thorugh Hong-kong. Hong Kong can also be a foundation of travelling around Asia. Tasty Asian Food, transport, hightech gadgets, and great accommodation are surround the guests.

And, Hong-kong is a lively city that hosts more than one hundred important exhibitions that attract over 800,000 international and Mainland China visitors.

Hong Kong is Asia sourcing hub. It offers the best platform for international traders to access Asia and Mainland China. Hong Kong can be the choice for many Asian business exhibitions showcasing the latest technologies within the massive Asian market.

Insider Tips:
Many travellers travel to ShenZhen or Guangzhou and then travel to other China or Asian or Worldwide cities by plane.
This transition could be a  cheaper way for the travel, as China Airline can provide cheaper tickets than the Hong Kong’s.
You visit the following China Airline Booking website to compare the flight price.

For more travel information, please visit the following link.
Travel to ShenZhen (深圳)
Travel to Macau (澳門)

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