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Star Ferry

The Star Ferry’s ferry crossings at Victoria Harbour are acclaimed as a significant element of the commuter system between Hong-kong Island and Kowloon, and essential journeys for guests.

The Star Ferry is actually a Hong Kong institution. For most tourists, it is one of the very first stops on any visit to the SAR. In an age of cross – MTR links and harbour tunnels, this slow but cheap service remains an integral part of the transport system and still attracts 35 million passengers per year.  At fairly low costs, one can enjoy the enjoy the magnificent view of Victoria Harbour and sea breezes especially where the windows are glassless on the decks.

For many HK people, the memory of the two-deck Star Ferry traces back to the 18’s.  The crew work at the lower deck which, inspite of the heat, many people still choose to ride.  Some people even find it a different relish to observe the crew sailing and mooring the ferry.  The engine room is located in the lower deck so one can smell engine oil from time to time, whereas the upper deck is more comfortable with air conditioners fitted at both the bow and stern.  Since the back panel of the vintage-look benches can be flipped back and forth, passengers don’t have to sit in reverse on the way back as the ferry shunts back and forth across the harbor without turning around.

Star Ferry introduced the single licensed harbour tour (Star Ferry’s Harbour Tour) in Hong Kong in July 2003. The one – hour trip starts in Tsim Sha Tsui and goes on to Wanchai, CENTRAL and Hunghom before returning to TSIM SHA TSUI, enabling people to take in a multitude of harbour views at leisure.

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