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Wan Chai District

Wan Chai is centrally situated on the northern shore of Hong Kong Island, known for its distinctive and harmonious mixture of old traditions and new developments. It is truly one of the oldest districts of Hong Kong with rich cultural heritage and traditions. Covering an area of about 976 hectares, it is the home for about 156,000 inhabitants.

Wan Chai was originally a fishing village. Throughout the years, it has created from a residential area into a center of company, conventions, exhibitions, sports and cultural activities, entertainment and shopping. The Extension of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, opened in 1997, is the landmark of Wan Chai, which likewise symbolizes progress and prosperity of the territory. Citizens and visitors alike can tour the District by different ways of public transportation. Besides enjoying a broad selection of solutions at shopping malls and several shops, they can also see various tourist attractions and notable district landmarks.

Famous heritage spots within the district include Hung Shing Temple, the former Wan Chai Post Office (now the Environmental Resource Centre) and Lovers’ Rock.

The area known as “Wan Chai” often comprises the area surrounding Tonnochy Road along with the MTR station of the same name, which is located between Admiralty on the west and Causeway Bay to the east. “Wan Chai North”, where the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is located, refers to the region north of Gloucester Street, reclaimed from the ocean after the 1970s. It’s a bunch of high-rise office towers and hotels.

The broader administrative “Wan Chai District” comprises the regions of Wan Chai, Wan Chai North, Causeway Bay, Happy Valley, Jardine’s Lookout, Stubbs Road, Wong Nai Chung Gap and Tai Hang.

The very first cross harbour tunnel in Hong Kong, the Tunnel, was built-in Wan Chai, linking the former Kellett Island within the district with Hung Hom.

The Star Ferry runs two paths from the pier at Wan Chai:

Hong-kong Convention Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai – Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong-kong Convention Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai –

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