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Kowloon City District

Covering an area of approximately 1000 hectares, the Kowloon City District is chiefly a residential area accommodating a people of approximately 363,700. The majority of its own inhabitants dwell in private sector housing, including private residential developments, old tenement buildings and low-rise villas, as the rest of them chiefly reside in public rental housing and the Home Ownership Scheme estates.

Though mainly residential in character, the district has a fair share of industrial and commercial capabilities. Business activities abound in the bustling streets in Kowloon City also in the shopping malls of public housing estates and Whampoa Garden with in the district, whereas industrial activities are mostly confined to the Hunghom and Tokwawan subdistricts.

With more than 200 kindergartens, primary/secondary schools and tertiary institutions, the Kowloon City District has the highest concentration of schools within the territory. The Open University of Hong Kong and also the Hong Kong Baptist University are found within the district.

The Kowloon City District is quite a distinctive location. Its Kowloon Walled City was one of the first developments within the land. In 1993, the Walled City was rebuilt as the Walled City Park where many relics of historical value were preserved. After years of development, there are actually a 5-star resort and large private housing estates within the district. Removing the airport in 1998 has also spared a vast piece of land in the northern shore of the Victoria Harbour with high potential for redevelopment. Infrastructural projects within the redevelopment area are underway and the Kowloon City District will definitely experience extreme shifts within the very near future.

Area of the district was the place of the original Kowloon City, see Kowloon Walled City. This has become Walled City Park.

The airport, Kai Tak Airport Terminal was likewise found within the district; section of it will be redeveloped to get Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. In 1982, the Hong Kong Government chose to break up Hong Kong into 18 administrative districts, and Kowloon City and its neighbouring regions such as Hung Hom now is owned by Kowloon City District.

Areas include: Hung Hom, Ho Man Tin, Kai Tak Airport, Kowloon Tong, Ma Tau Wai, To Kwa Wan, and Whampoa Garden, along with the appropriate Kowloon City.

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