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Central and Admiralty

Pottinger Street A stone paveway that connects open stalls. Mid-Levels Escalator  the longest outdoor escalator in the world  approx. 800 meters long in total The HSBC headquarters building  under the British Financial Group, HSBC Holdings, with the ...

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Basic Facts

The size of HK is 1,104 km sq, with Victoria Bay in between, Kowloon is in the North whereas HK Island is in the South and most of the core sightseeing spots are concentrated around the center of both sides.

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The Herbivores

At a min. charge of HK$200 per head, my friend and I could have ordered 2 main dishes along with a soup and salad.  However, it dawned on us that the cheese salsa was in fact quite filling, so instead ...

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Sooo Vegi

A local fast food vegetarian restaurant, period.  Good for those who are used to the local HK canteen dishes but looking for a meat-substituting alternative.  They also do soups, pastas and wraps, but I cannot comment without tasting.

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Maya Cafe Mediterranean Lifestyle, Wan Chai

A very compact Mediterranean restaurant found in the hidden square between Admiralty and WanChai. The owner was very friendly, she offered to pick my friend up at the corner of the street due to the peculiar location of the restaurant.

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