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Street Snack

Spring Onion Cakes 蔥油餅

Name: Spring Onion Cakes 蔥油餅 Ingredients: -plain flour -salt -oil onion

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Deep fried pork intestines 炸大腸

Deep fried pork intestines 炸大腸. For some this is an acquired taste, and for some this is a sliver of heaven on a stick. The light, crunchy skin, with the tasty and juicy flesh inside. The outer tier of the ...

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Octopus balls 八爪魚丸

Tako means octopus in Japanese, and takoyaki are known as octopus balls 八爪魚丸. Takoyaki venders are very popular in Japan. To make takoyaki, a cast iron or electric takoyaki pan with many half-spherical molds is used. Takoyaki is the little, ...

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Curry Fish Ball 咖哩魚蛋

One of the must-eat street food in Hong Kong is the curry fish balls 咖哩魚蛋. It’s so famous in Hong Kong. A lot of roadside shop sells the curry fish ball. The curry fish balls is actually just a fish ...

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Street Shark’s Fin Soup 腕仔翅

Now, that is no longer real shark’s fins while in the soup as the expense of shark fins has grown a lot. Therefore, people use it to be replaced by vermicelli. Also, you can find more high-priced and different sort ...

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