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Sweet Soup & Dessert

Sweet Dumplings

Traditional food the Chinese name of which stands for unionization.  Dumplings are filled with pastes of different flavours typically black sesame, pean, taro, red bean.  Served in sweet gjnger soup as a wrap up especially on festive days such as ...

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Red Bean Pudding 紅豆糕

Name: Red Bean Pudding 紅豆糕 Ingredients: -red beans -gelatine -castor sugar

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Coconut Pudding 椰汁糕

Name: Coconut Pudding 椰汁糕 Ingredients: -castor sugar -gelatine -coconut milk -fresh milk -egg white

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Coated Sweet Dumplings 擂沙湯丸

Name: Coated Sweet Dumplings 擂沙湯丸 Ingredients: -glutinous rice flour -rice flour -lard -sesame paste -soya bean powder

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Waterchestnut in Syrup 馬蹄露

Name: Waterchestnut in Syrup 馬蹄露 Ingredient: -peeled waterchestnut -rock sugar -water  chestnut flour -eggs

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