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Sweet Soup & Dessert

Glutinous Rice Dumplings 糯米糍

Name: Glutinous Rice Dumplings 糯米糍 Ingredient: -glutinous rice flour -red bean paste -desiccated coconut Tangyuan are a traditional Chinese sweet generally served at festivals or Chinese New Yr, or whatever is observed with fam. Glutinous Rice Dumplings are little glutinous rice ...

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Mini Sugary Dumplings 糖不甩

Name: Mini Sugary Dumplings 糖不甩 (One of the traditional Chinese Dessert) Ingredients: -glutinous rice flour -castor sugar -slab sugar -roasted peanuts

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Mooncake 月餅

Mooncakes can be obtained between buddies or on family assemblies while celebrating the Mid Fall festival. Most mooncakes include the thin tender skin enveloping a sweet, heavy filling. The mooncake may include one or even more entire salted egg yolks ...

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Clay-pot Puddings 砵仔糕

Clay-pot Puddings (砵仔糕) is a street snack originated from Hong Kong. The pudding cake is palm size and taste sweet . It is soft, but it can hold its molded shape outside of a small bowl and with some red ...

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