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Wong Tai Sin Temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple, a Taoist temple established in 1921, is one of the most famous temples in Hong Kong.It is likewise distinguished among overseas Chinese in Southern Asia, Europe, and US.

When Wong Chuping was 15, he started to follow Taoism. Forty years later, he attained enlightenment and became immortal. People called him Wong Tai Sin from then on. It is said he punishes evils, heals the wounded, and rescues the perishing. The impact of Wong Tai Sin propagate from Guangdong Province to Hong-kong in the early twentieth century. With his mercy and his strength, he’s thought to allow whatever is requested. Wong Tai Sin Temple is famous for its fortune telling. The fortune sticks (or lots) in Wong Tai Sin Temple are very accurate. A lot of individuals who see the temple come to get their fortunes told. Generally, worshippers entreat the destiny of exactly the same year. They shake a bamboo cylinder including fortune sticks until one falls out, create a wish, and light worship sticks, kneel before the main altar. Wong Tai Sin has a lot of worshippers in Hong-kong, hence the joss sticks and candles burn up exuberantly all year round, especially during the Chinese Lunar New Year and Wong Tai Sin’s birthday – the 23rd day of the eighth lunar month.

Wong Tai Sin Temple is also known as Sik Sik Yuen. The architecture of Wong Tai Sin Temple is really in the traditional Chinese temple style: grand red pillars, a magnificent gold roof adorned with yellow latticework, blue friezes, and resplendent multicolored carvings. Besides the Daxiong – baodian or Grand Hall, Sansheng Hall along with the Good Wish Garden will also be worth viewing. The temple grounds also feature three memorial archways. The very first one stands away from the temple and is carved with the name of the temple. In the event you walk past the soothsayers as well as the stalls, you can view another memorial archway. And if you continue further along the third memorial archway standing before you. Memorial archways are a standard feature of traditional Chinese architecture. Also in the temple are the Nine Dragon Wall–a reproduction of the distinguished Nine Dragon Wall in Beijing, along with the Good Wish Garden – a mini copy of Beijing’s Summer Palace.

In Addition, Wong Tai Sin Temple is the sole temple that offers services for wedding ceremonies in Hong-kong.

Address: 2 Chuck Yuen Village, Kowloon
Telephone: 2327 8141
Transport: MTR to Wong Tai Sin, exit B
Opening time : Daily 7am to 5.30pm, gardens closed on Mondays

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